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About the Duhamel App.
The Duhamel App displays images and information about all my sculptures and galleries. The catalogue can be searched and sliced by name, medium, gallery, country, status and more.

To Install the App on an Android device:

1- Install From the Playstore
2- Install Manually from Here  The link will download the installation package to your device. Once downloaded, locate it and run it. Follow the instructions. You may be asked to authorise installation from untrusted sources.

To Install the App on an IOS device (IPhone, Ipad)
Not yet available.
However, the App can be run from your browser here.

On first use.
Please make sure your device is connected on the Internet when loading the App for the first time. Once all images have loaded, the App can be used offline. Images loading progress is shown at the bottom of the menu.

Up to date.
The App will automatically refresh itself upon loading to ensure you have the most up to date information. You can also refresh at any time by tapping the Sync button.

Privacy Policy
This website and the App do not collect, store, share any personal information from its users. However, and depending on your device or browser we may collect device information, cookie data and log data.

Future features:
IOS version
Display dimensions.
Ability to see an entire edition, Sold, Available, Not made yet.
Display text information about a sculpture.
Display info about exhibitions, past, present and future.
Ability to download the catalogue in PDF format.
Ability to view and download CV et Biography.
Display Price Range in local currency.

Request, Comments, Bug report:

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