The art of Olivier Duhamel

Upcoming exhibitions

Art Breda, The Netherlands, 12-19 April 2020
Art Fair Philippines, Philippines, 21-23 February 2020
Art Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 12- 15 December 2019

Past exhibitions

Hannah KP

23 January 2020  
Presenting  "Hannah KP" A new  sculpture in the catalogue. This is a small  figurine 25cm long, 3D printed in resin, filled with epoxy and painted in white enamel. This is an edition of 50. See more images.

La Grande Rosie

15 December 2020
Watch a video illustyrating the making of "La Grande Rosie".
The sculpture is 160cm tall and weight 125 Kgs. 
This is an edition of 8.

The video is being projected at the Waiheke Community Cinema

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